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Here are a few of my wrestling figures that have been collected over time!! Check the pics page.

I have collected the Jakks Series for years

2012 - things change a little!! Started collecting a few mattel.


Also thanks to TNA my wish for brooke hogan being a 'diva' came half true haha!



More to come

Check it out

Below are a few of my favourites

Velvet Sky Figure - easily the best knockout in TNA


my VELVET SKY collection including my custom figues as of dec '13

the legend that is STING

Making the early version of Sting from WcW years is classic!!!

Jeff Hardy - various face paint editions and glow in the dark - different but good!



Natalya Neidhart - My fave WWE diva


Natalya always gonna be one of the best - Hart family are all amazing!


Some TNA figures

Custom nWo figures (check my update inc mattel nwo on pics page)

Check out Joe's custom figures...... heres one of my favourites he did for me...... STING as the insane icon suited as in TNA


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